Market Overview



Pinetop Population 1998 3, 340

Navajo county Population 1998 84, 300

Arizona Population 1998 4, 462, 300

Pinetop/Lakeside has been growing in population and popularity for many years but we have seen a great increase in growth over the last five years. Both land prices and construction costs have increased the average home prices in the area. The days of finding a cabin on an acre in the woods for
$50, 000. 00 are unfortunatley gone. Thats not to say that there isn’t affordable homes in the area. An average home price in Pinetop last year was $124, 039. 00 and $103, 374. 00 for the Lakeside area. Pinetop Country Club was the highest at $169, 962. 00. These are figured on a three bedroom two bath home and figures where gatherd from the multiple listing service.

The market here has been strong and it has primarily been a sellers market, meaning that selling price is not for off from asking price. generally you
will see a five percent discount and sometimes only one percent. Homes have continued to appreciate and maintain their values, as far as an investment standpoint many people feel confident when purchasing in the area for that reason. Opportunity awaits you in the White Mountains for a great summer getaway.

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